About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Laundrymen Productions, a small independent production company that gives creatives a chance to practice their craft in a low-risk setting on fun and funny shorts.

The Team

Sasha Shapiro

Sasha Shapiro graduated from Colorado College as a film major with really good grades. Sasha has had a hand in writing, directing, and serving as the lead editor for all of Laundrymen Productions’ projects thus far. With more than five years of industry experience (clients as an editor range from Fast Company and Inc. magazines to start-up production houses to NBA legend George Karl), He is a capable and dedicated creator. He is the co-founder of Laundrymen Productions alongside Augustus Childres.

Augustus Childres

Augustus Childres also graduated from Colorado College as a Film & Media Studies major with even better grades. No, he didn’t—yes, he did. That’s just a lie. Can I write my own bio please? As an actor, Augustus has accumulated years of experience on-stage and on-set. Coming also from a background in film & theatre acting, script-writing, directing and editing, Augustus is able to have a hand in all facets of production making him a capable and skilled producer. He co-founded Laundrymen Productions with Sasha Shapiro in 2021.

Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox graduated from Colorado College with degree in Studio Art and a concentration in Integrative Design—but, in fact, no grades at all (he “rejects the social construct of grades”; we don’t recommend asking him about it because he will go on FOREVER). Highly skilled in Photoshop and graphic design, Charlie is the mastermind behind both the Laundrymen graphics as well as the Laundrymen Productions’ movie posters, which capture the essence of our films in a single image.

Harry Lucas

After being admitted to Colorado College based purely on good looks (his grades sucked), Harry Lucas spent the next four years learning the ins and outs of composition and music theory. Today he brings his exceptionally honed skills to the Laundrymen as our lead composer, using score to bring out the most in every scene we shoot.